Woutim realizes eco-friendly

New environmentally friendly techniques

Woutim is constantly working on new environmentally friendly techniques and is looking for ecologically responsible raw materials in order to contribute to a better living environment.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Waste processing


Reduction of CO2 emissions

Woutim has electric vehicles, its own yard containers and, in addition to the main branch in Peer, another branch in Aalst and Tielt.

Our employees do not have to travel great distances to collect materials because there are various branches spread throughout Belgium.

We have as many materials as possible delivered directly to the yard. Each yard has a yard container in which stock can be stored.

We have our own truck with a lifting crane that brings the containers on site and collects them again after the works. Our planning service combines this with nearby yards to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Waste processing

Woutim has its own waste containers. We also have a press that presses the empty metal paint pots after they have been cleaned with water.

The empty paint pots are then collected in a container and given to the people who in turn recycle the iron.

Ecological cleaning of paint brushes and rollers

Woutim has an electrical installation that cleans the brush under high pressure with water.

The water passes through a filter and is purified. In this way, not only can material consumption be reduced, but the water is also cleaned.