dec 27, 2022


Woutim paints Colruyt facades with air-purifying paint for less nitrogen

The facades of more than half of Okay's supermarkets are equipped with air-purifying facade paint. It removes nitrogen and ozone from the air and reduces the formation of particulate matter.

10,000 m 2 covered with air-purifying paint

Colruyt has modernized 76 Okay stores from early 2018 to now. The retailer also took care of the facades with a new coat of paint. In total, 10,000 square meters are covered with the air-purifying paint, which, according to the maker, can neutralize the emissions of 1 million kilometers annually with a modern diesel engine.

“The rain washes the facade clean again”

he catalyst in the air-purifying paint is modified titanium dioxide, a pigment for white paint. It reacts with sunlight and converts nitrogen oxides into nitrates with the help of oxygen, and ozone into oxygen. “The rain then washes the facade clean again,” says Alexander Rickert of producer Sto. “As long as there is light on the facade, the operation is guaranteed.”

Future plans at Bioplanet stores

The retailer did not disclose the size of the investment for Colruyt. The new layer was not applied to the other 61 Okay stores because they were too recent to be renovated, says Ivo Van Zandweghe, responsible for sustainable infrastructure at the Colruyt Group. “There are already future plans to do the same at about thirty Bioplanet stores.”


Club Brugge | Woutim Paintworks

The leaf on the 'I'

Woutim realizes eco-friendly. Offering solid and sustainable products goes hand in hand with our eco-story.

dec 27, 2022

Crown Plaza

Opknappen van de buitengevel

Schilderwerk van de buitengevel van het Crowne Plaza hotel.


Club Brugge | Woutim Paintworks

Het blaadje op de 'I'

Woutim realiseert ecovriendelijk. Het aanbieden van degelijke en duurzame producten gaat hand in hand met ons eco-verhaal.